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Maui Fruit Jewels 6pc.


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Artisan Fruit Jewels Candy from Hawaii | Guavas | A Jellied Gourmet Gummy (Guava)

Indulge in the delicious taste of Hawaii with Maui Fruit Jewels' Guava Jelly. Made with fresh guavas, this jellied gourmet gummy candy is a true delicacy. Each package contains 6 pieces of candy, perfect for sharing or enjoying on your own. The guava flavor is sweet and tangy, with a unique tropical twist that will transport your taste buds to the beautiful island of Hawaii. Maui Fruit Jewels is known for their artisanal approach to candy-making, and this Guava Jelly is no exception. Treat yourself to a taste of paradise with Maui Fruit Jewels' Guava Jelly.

Box size (WxDxH) 3-7/8 * 2-1/2 * 1-1/2


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