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Sea Salt, 72% Hawaiian Cacao, Island Sharks


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Vegan, Gluten & Soy – Free. Non-Gmo. Single-Origin. Aloha.

**Now with EXTRA-SALT**This is our most addictive bar ever. I can't open one without finishing it. We share. We highly recommend sharing all our 3 – Packs although this one makes a great gift for the chocolate addict. I am a chocolate addict and so I eat these the most since they satisfy all my taste buds. You may never reach for another bar again. 

We added Extra-Salt! Now even more balanced! You will see how your tongue and nose walk on a tightwire on their tips tops between salty and sweet.

Pairs great with whisky, lemonade/orange juice or plant-based egg nog.

Notes of rye, malt, brine.


Cacao grown in Papaikou, Hawai'i at 400 feet elevation.


Our Hawai'i cacao is grown along the beautiful slopes of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawai'i. And our chocolate, is made just down the road. Island Sharks Chocolate support's Hawaii's local farmers, like our forebear, Tom Sharkey. By purchasing Hawai'i cacao beans at an industry premium we create livable wages for our community.